What to do When You Get Hungry on a Fast

Hunger while fasting. Did you know that hunger is a sign of losing weight and that Oprah's fitness guru Bob Greene said to go to bed hungry and wake up with less weight?

There is a difference in starvation and hunger. If you failed to give your body nutrition prior to your fast, we have a problem. Starting a fast means preparing. One Dr. Sebi guru gave very good tips on how to prepare. 3 days prior you start with juice and start adding water to the juice. Day 3 prior to the fast you add in 1/3 water to the juice, day 2 before the fast you add in 2/3 water and day 1 you add in 50% water to the juice.

1 week before your fast you need to bulk up on nutrition, veggies and fruits. Dr. Sebi did not feel you need to worry about protein as the seamoss has 92 of the needed nutrients for your body. BUT wait. like supplements seamoss has grades too. Are you getting a good quality sea moss? The author of the God Awakening Diet suggests this seamoss as it is raw and talks about the differences in sea moss. http://amzn.to/2Eu6n88

I ordered my powder from Best Botanicals and very happy with it and Starwest has a powder form too. http://amzn.to/2CAPhoK

So we are fasting and we are taking 3 capsules of Green Food Plus or a substitute or my home made recipe and we are taking 4 caps of bromine powder or my homemade recipe.
These recipes are in the pinned welcome article at the top.

So besides that we are making at least one pot of herbal tea. How about some burdock, dandelion and red raspberry with some black walnut leaf. Yummo to the 7th degree.
Don't have any herbs? How about some parsley and coriander tea or how about some anise tea or how about some ginger tea. These items are at your health food store and grocery store.

Now add 1 gallon of spring water and some juice. You should be fat as a pig by now.

So let's say hunger sets in so bad you want to break your fast. What do you do? You go to the freezer and get a few chunks of banana or any fruit and eat those.

So that means you should have some frozen fruit in your freezer. Yes. If you are on a liquid diet, of course you do. Now here is the secret. Fasting is between you and God and so no one knows you failed. So you just sneak to the freezer get a bit of fruit and begin back on your fast.

By day 3 the hunger starts to leave and by day 4 food makes you sick. After your fast is over you literally have to force yourself to eat.

So what we have to do is get from day 1 to day 4. Not so tough unless you are water fasting. I don't like water fasts as I almost died during my water fast.  My blood pressure dropped too low.  I found after water fasting my body went into starvation mode also.  So I highly recommend the Dr. Sebi Way of Fasting.  

Read the Joy of Fasting to learn detail information on my fasts and how to do the fasting for the best health results.   Read Here. 

Make sure to check your blood pressure daily when fasting also.  Very important to have a blood pressure monitor.  So Fast and enjoy the benefits.

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