How to Make the Dr. Sebi Chelation I and II Formulas

I have been asked to create a new protocol for how to make the chelation 1 and 2 at home.  For some they cannot afford the Dr. Sebi's Cleansing programs.  The chelation 1 and 2 are exactly the same.  They contain the same ingredients:
  • Cascara Sagrada
  • Prodijiosa
  • Rhubarb Root
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We love Dr. Sebi, but you must buy the entire program to get the chelation.  The cleansing kits contain:

Small Cleansing Kits - $250

Chelation 2
Viento - $50
Bio Ferro  - 50

Their bottles contain 90 capsules and if you have to take them  4 a day then the package is good for 21 days.  So cost per day is a little over $11.  If the Viento and Bio Ferro cost $100, then the cost of Chelation 2 is $150.  Wow, incredible.

Three Major Healing Properties of Prodijiosa

Prodijiosa, also known as brickellia helps lower high blood sugar levels in insulin-resistant type II diabetics (adult onset). In addition, it improves bile evacuation from the gallbladder and bile synthesis in the liver, thus stimulating fat digestion in the gallbladder.

The increased bile flow also flushes or dissolves small gallstones out of the body. Finally, brickellia improves the stomach lining and digestion, as it increases the quality and quantity of hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach. This helps you to digest foods that otherwise taker a long time to digest and cause you to have acidic indigestion.

 The Support Package - $375

  • Chelation 2 - $150
  • Viento - $50
  • Bromine Plus Capsules - $30
  • Lymphalin - $125
  • Bio Ferro - $50
Here we have two products not sold in the products store.  Lymphalin contains

Hortensia - also known as hydrangea root -
Pushiana - Is really named Cascara Sagrada -
Red Clover -
Mulato - 50 grams  -

I often why they use such strange names?  Is that to confuse us?  Either way Lymphalin is 1/2 cup of powder only and cost $125.   The above makes 8 cups of powder and more of certain herbs for quite reasonable price.  Starwest Botanicals has free shipping over $75.

Crush Foster's Alternative Detox Tea

The ingredients for Crush Foster's Detox Tea is much easier to find.  I like this very much.  


You will notice the ingredients in this detox is many that you have at home.  You could just add a few herbs and make your own.

Essiac Tea

The Essiac Tea has been famous for years as a detox and many brands such as Starwest Botanicals.

The ingredients are: 

Certified organic burdock root, certified organic sheep sorrel herb, slippery elm bark, watercress herb, certified organic Turkish rhubarb root, certified organic kelp, certified organic blessed thistle herb, certified organic red clover blossom.



Making it yourself and saving a bundle of money makes sense.  But it is up to everyone to decide what is best for them.  I have provided the best links for the best herbs I could find.  But in the end no guarantees on my part can be made.  Pray to God and ask for guidance and then decide on your own.

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  1. How do we know the actual amount of each herb in these capsules? What is the best amount to add to each capsule?

  2. So 1 cup of Cascara and 1 cup of rhubarb to 1/2 ounce of prodijiosa. Buy 00 capsules which hold around 1/4 teaspoon each. Remember to take this protocol no longer than 7 days, stop and wait 10 days and start again.

  3. what is the ratio for the lymphalin mix? and suggested use daily?

  4. whats the ratio for the lymphalin mix? and suggested use daily?

  5. Mulato and Cascara should be used in 50 gram each and the other two you should use 150 grams each. Cascara should only be used for 7 days at a time and so I will suggest the same here.

  6. I'm attempting to make my own Chelation and have all the herbs etc..... I'm just in need of specific amounts of each to put in my vegan capsules. Reading the two responses above leaves me unclear as to EXACTLY how much Cascara, Rhubarb, & Prodijiosa needs to be in each capsule. Any clarification is much appreciated. :-)

  7. Is there any way i can contact u directly?

  8. Is there anyway u can make it and then sell it?

    1. No. I live in Jordan and the customs will not allow me to do that here.

  9. Replies
    1. Sure join my Private Mastermind Group and talk to me there. The banner is above.

  10. Do u have to put the herbs in capsules or can u just make as a tea?

    1. Put them in capsules as the tea taste so awful you can't drink it.

  11. Can these herbs be grounded and mixed into my smoothies? I have a hard times swallowing capsules. Also do you know which Dr Sebi herbs helps with Congestive Heart Failure with High Blood Pressure?

  12. Should I do a liquid fast while taking this?

    1. I do not advocate water fasting. Fasting the way Dr. Sebi did is prescribed and best. Water, juice, herbal teas and bromide mix and Green Food Plus.

  13. Hello there Samantha! How are you? I recently purchased all the herbs to make Viento & Bio Ferro compounds. Now the biggest challenge has been able to mix them properly as I have no experience with this. I have watched mostly all your videos and read countless articles from your sites but I can’t seem to find any info on how to mix the herbs properly. I humbly come to you asking if you could please help me out. My family and I really need these compounds.

    Thank you very much Samantha for taking the time to read my comment.

    - Esteban L.

    1. Shalom Shalom,
      Was wondering if you ever figured out the recipe for the above compounds, Viento & Bio Ferro, as I cant find them either?
      Thank you Angel

    2. Glad to help in private consultation. Sign up for at least 1 hour.

  14. Hello, Id like to make the lymphalin for my father who has colon cancer, but he suffers from severe stomach ulcers and the Mulato will have him crying out in pain. He does not consume spicy foods. Can i leave the mulato out? will it still be effective?

    1. chili does not affect the stomach, but it does the tongue. If you are worried about mulato leave it out. Make sure you are using Perfect Press black seed oil for his cancer.

  15. Dear Samantha. My father in law has Stage 8 Cancer. It`s really bad.
    Could you please povide the ratio / mix of BIO FERRO and VIENTO. I could not find the mixing amounts anywhere. Thank you so much. Blessings

    1. There is no stage 8 cancer. 2nd no I won't do this as you need to be in consultation. If your father in law is that bad seek professional help. If not me then find someone as your father in law's life depends on this. Also we don't answer anyone signed in as "unknown"


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